I’m an intellectually gifted woman who didn’t know I was on the spectrum until my late 60s. I’m mostly self-taught in a multitude of topics, including psychology, giftedness, intellectual creativity, Aspergers, and criminal justice.

I’m self-diagnosed and in possession many autistic characteristics and a long list of comorbidities. Some are mostly amusing annoyances, while others are an ongoing pain in the neck. Whether any one of them is a disability varies from day to day. I’m mostly invisible, not someone who is obviously on the spectrum, but who registers as somewhat “off,” or a bit eccentric.

What is important if you intend to read this blog is the framework within which I write. I did not live my life with reference to autism or Asperger’s. I repeat: I did not live my life with reference to autism or Asperger’s. Now that I know I’m on the spectrum, I still don’t live my life with reference to autism or Asperger’s. That makes me an outsider among outsiders, with the advantage that outsiders always have–we see things more objectively because we’re not involved in what we’re seeing. I see a lot that I have serious questions about, serious doubts. So what I write may be objectionable to some readers because it will be highly analytical and, if necessary, critical. It will also be focused on a comparatively narrow slice of the autistic spectrum.

This isn’t a personal blog, in the sense that I’m going to talk about myself, unless that has some relevance to a larger topic. So if you’re looking for tales of struggle and inspiration, you’re in the wrong place.

I also blog at Maverick Writer, where I’ve been posting for several years about indie writing and publishing. I’m self-published on Amazon.

My primary interest (no, Asperger’s isn’t it) is criminal justice. Many of my current fiction writing projects involve themes of prison and imprisonment. I’m also working on a nonfiction book about the death penalty.