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The Month from Hell is Over

Most of February and all of March were devoted to being sick. A supposed bout of bronchitis turned out to be some more serious and ongoing that I’ll have to deal with from now on. But everything is more or less under control and I can begin to think about something other than trying to catch my breath.

A few topics have been on my mind and as I get back to writing, I’ll probably explore one or two that are relevant to Autism Awareness month. I don’t generally pay much attention to “awareness” weeks or months, since I doubt that they have any real impact, not the kind that brings about significant change in understanding or attitudes.

I don’t know how long it will take to pull a post together, but I’m hoping for sometime next week.

Updating the Blog

I never got around to adding sidebar widgets to the blog — don’t ask me why — laziness, then forgetfullness, probably. I’m fighting with a nasty bout of bronchitis right now and haven’t had the energy to do much, especially writing. Which doesn’t explain why I did have the energy to start plugging in widgets, and then changing the covers of my published books and stories to a smaller size in readiness for updating that page.

So, it’s all done. Lots of useful stuff in the sidebar now, including Search, in case you want to find a topic I’ve written about. I might add more when I’m in the mood someday.

And the Published Works page now has graphics.